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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 2, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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live where police continue their investigation into a crime spree mystery surrounding a man shot and killed by authority twos days ago in richmond. we'll tell you who authorities are now looking for coming up. a natural gas leak forces evacuations of an east bay elementary school and a bay area city is expected to take a major step for a police department. those stories now at noon.
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good afternoon. i'm january that. torrie campbell has tonight off. there is more information on the deaths that left four victims and the main suspect dead. today search efforts will focused on the missing son of one victim. tara spoke with friends of the missing man and joins us with the latest on the investigation, tara? >> reporter: well jealous see may be a motive. we'll talk about what police are doing, interviewing friends and family of frederick who hasn't been seen or heard from in over a week. they believe he could be alive and want to find him this is a picture of the 35-year-old that lived with his father on crate myrtle dive. they believe ricardo was beaten to death at that house friday. at first authorities weren't sure what role frederick played
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but they say the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together. >> at this time he's not considered a suspect. he is still missing and has been missing since his father's discovery. he was in an altercation with his father and the suspect last sunday august 22nd. so there is concern for his safety. >> reporter: frederick's coworkers at the doctor's hospital are now speaking out about the missing man. >> he was humble. he was helpful. he was always coming to work on time and i really liked him. >> reporter: the on again, off again girlfriend actually owned the house on crate mered l drive and was living there. they suspected raylation ship between tran and the father or son. he was shot and killed by highway patrol officers tuesday night after leading authorities
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on a high-speed chase to the 99 ranch market in richmond. he's one of five people now dead. officials discovered tran strangled in his car. the bodies of two other women turned up in alan's home. there was a room rented there and one was found dead in the other home. charles was at the home when investigators arrived. the odor of decomposed bodies was overwhelming according to authorities and there are charges related to making explosives. autopsy are scheduled today for smart and alan. you can stay with ktvv news as we follow the investigation and you can find more information on our channel 2 website
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there is a mile long oil slick at the site of a new fire in the gulf of mexico this morning. the platform is burning about 100 miles off the louisiana coast, just west of where bp's well blew up five months ago. there are conflicting reports how the fire began but all 13 people on the platform have been accounted for. that is owned by mariners energy and standing in some 2500 feet of water. bp's well was twice that deep. several coastguards were sent to the area from new orleans, houston and mobile,alabama to assess the situation. we have a developing story in the east bay. a gas leak forced shifting of classes at a school. the leak occurred around 9:00 this morning in a gas main behind golden view elementary school on canyon crest drive. school officials are saying the fire department told them the
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children were safe and could stay in class but the principal decided to relocate a few classes as a precaution. pg and e crews are on the scene working to fix the gas pipe. this morning a 6-year-old boy is reportly in critical condition at a hospital after being injured in a gun sent. it happened on his home about 5:00 last night. investigators say the 6-year- old found a shotgun under his parent's bed. his 12-year-old brother tried to take the gun away and that is when the gun went off. the children were home alone at the time and police recommend criminal charges be filed against the parents. there will be a funeral for the 13-year-old oakland boy shot to death as he walked with his brother. clark was killed last wednesday. so far police have made no arrests and have not determined a motive. the funeral is at the urban missions bible college on 105th avenue in oakland.
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anyone with information should contact oakland police. there is good news from the u.s. labor department this morning. first time filings dropped by 6000 to 472,000 last week. this is the second week in a row claims decreased. still the unemployment numbers are below normal for an economy. the number of continuing claims fell by 23,000 to 4.46 million. the big report is due out tomorrow. right now hotel workers are holding a protest against the high et corporation. hyatt workers have been in a yearlong labor dispute. in the past hour they are forming picket lines. workers say they are protesting staff cuts and reduced hours. a hyatt spokesmen says the workers need to get back to
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negotiation instead of pickets. >> it's not fair when hyatt corporation and expanding and growing and yet commanding all these concessions. >> the real issue is we need to get back to the bargaining table, get away from the sporadic labor actions. at the end of the day if they have an effect of chasing business, that business is one that would have been worked but local 2 zone members. >> this is one of 15 demonstrations planned at hyatts throughout the nation leading into labor day. the fire chief for the city has been placed on administrative leave. the acting city attorney confirmed that but would not comment on whether david had been put on leave because of a recent controversy involving these photos. they show him filling his personal vehicles. he says he had permission from the former city manage there hired him to do that. the acting city attorney said this was a personnel matter. the san carlos city
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counsel could decided to on an outsourcing plan. the proposal calls for the sheriff's office to take over the san carlos police department. the decision linked to budget problems. jade hernandez has details. >> reporter: after halloween it appears san carlos residents won't see police officers patrolling their neighborhoods. the city can't afford the police department and it looks as if the county sheriff's office will take over. tonight the san carlos city counsel will hold a special meeting to discuss the swap. city officials did not want to layoff police officers so they shopped around for an outside entity to take the department over. the sheriff's office went out when the department promise today rehire all of the police officers with most of the 26 sworn officers assuming an equal rank at the county level and a bump in pay. the officers would also be exempt from layoffs their first year at the county level.
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the police chief would be a captain and oversee the burro. the only downside, part-time workers and volunteers, three or four people might not retain status. city officials say patrolling neighborhoods wouldn't change that much but what about the police department building? it would become a substation for employees and former officers. the rest of the personnel would be based in redwood cities hall of justice. if all the details are proved tonight at a 6:00 meeting in san carlos, this meeting will go on to supervisors. the sheriff's office is tentatively scheduled to take over on october 31st of 24 year. jade hernandez, channel 2 news. in washington dc leaders forged a plan this morning for peace talk negotiations at a meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. it is the first time in nearly two years benjamin and palestinian president met
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face-to-face. they are planning to meet again in mid september and about every two weeks after that. the talks began with a pledge to work through long held hostilities and mistrust and commit themselves to resolve thing conflict within a year. >> by being here today, you each have taken an important step toward freeing your people's from the shackles of a history we cannot change and moving toward a future of peace and dignity that only you can create. >> secretary clinton said the obama administration will work hard because the u.s. cannot impose a solution. it has been a terrible morning for commuters on a highway near the bay area. the only face-to-face debate between the candidates and we'll have analysis and the bay area is heating up fast but how long will the warm temperatures
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last? we'll have the forecast, also. >> in north carolina where people here and all along the east coast are bracing for thefects of hurricane earl. we'll have the story coming up.
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in the santa cruz
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mountains an accident has been cleared and highway 17 are back open. the truck was carrying an estimated 20 tons of beer. it lost control on a curve south of summit road about 6:00 this morning. the accident closed one side of the highway for about four hours. the truck driver was not hurt but a chp officer said it's likely the driver will get some sort of citation once the investigation is complete. in the first debate aired live here on ktvu bash baskin mackel nicolaus and carly didn't menace words. >> i think the senator must run on her record and the truth is, her record is long and very short on achievement. >> when she was ceo of huet packerred, she shipped 30,000 jobs overseas. >> they expressed sharply different opinions on many issues. for example one believes people on the no fly list shouldn't be able to obtain gains but one
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says it's mis-manged and shouldn't be used to take away gun rights. >> here is the truth, we should not be taking constitutional rights away from citizens and at the same time giving constitutional rights to terrorrests and that's exactly what barbara boxer is in favor of doing. pilots who are trained have a right to carry a gun in the cockpit because there is so much concern by the pilots that they be able to take action. that's where you want a gun on the airplane, not giving it to people on the terrorrest watch list. >> the san francisco chronical reporter was one of three panellests on last night's debate and offered her assessment. >> i thought we saw a really good debate because you saw the clear differences between these two women on so many different issues from environment to jobs to the stimulus package because boxer is the income bent
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senator and i think there was no knock out punch from the arena, you may have to give her the edge on this one but this was the first and so far only scheduled debate between the two before the november election. our coverage of the debate between boxer and carly continues at you'll find longer parts of debate. an earthquake measuring a 3.3 shook the east bay about 9:30 this morning. the survey classifieds that as a minor quake. it was two miles north of richmond and a magnitude 2.4 aftershock. bart stopped service for about 5 minutes to make sure there wasn't track damage. there were no reports of injuries. communities are on alert today as hurricane earl heads towards them with winds of up to 140 miles an hour. tourists and visitors have been
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ordered away and residents are boring up windows. sandra is there and tells us about the hurricane preparations. >> reporter: many people in north carolina are stocking up and gearing up for hurricane earl. >> we're stocking up for two days and we got a gas barbecue if we need to and lots of drinks. >> pretty much we're here until sunday so we'll ride it out. >> reporter: the mandatory e. coli havinguation went into effect wednesday. north carolina is already understand aerostate of emergency as many homes and businesses are bored up to weather the storm. >> we're ready. let me say that one more time. we're very ready, as ready as anybody can be. we feel comfortable this morning that we have in place the resources and the supplies and the capacity to do whatever it takes for north carolina and our citizens to be safe and to be
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able to survive this event. >> reporter: earl's eye is not expected to make landfall in the u.s. many forecast models show it will travel off the east coast making landfall. still many states will feel the force of the winds and rain. hurricane watches and warnings are out. in places like massachusetts and connecticut are being pulled up in advance of the storm. many people who seen their neighbors leave town are hoping earl will pass on by. >> maybe it will go by quickly and we'll be back together again. >> reporter: president obama signed a disaster decoloration, for north carolina ahead of the storm and those strong winds and heavy rain is forecast to hit here late tonight. in north carolina, i'm sandra indoe. we have breaking news out of redwood city. we understand a small plane has gone down. we're being told the plane is in the redwood shores lagoon and at this point we do not know how
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many people were on board or their conditions. we do have news chopper two going to the site by air and a crew on the ground making it's way there. we'll update you as soon as we have more information. it's looking like it would be a hot day around the bay area. we'll send it to mark who has all the temperatures, mark? >> temperatures today heating up in fact we could be recording a few triple digits by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. a quick update as you can see with hurricane earl a powerful hurricane with winds 125. there is a closer inspection and we'll track this hurricane at least over the next 24 to 48 hours and possibly over the next three days as well. back here we have changes, look at that fog bank developing offshore. in fact, here is a closer inspection. mostly clear skies across most of the region but from ma pacificia 22 miles to the west and could be a factor after 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon.
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as far as a look outside mostly clear skies over san francisco, currently in the mid 70s. it's 76, a look at the rest of the bay area, we're heating up towards fairfield, liver more 94 and san jose 92 and the big headline is this: heating up today temperatures near 100 inland and 70s coast side and 80s and approaching 90 out toward oakland this afternoon by 3:00 or 4:00 when temperatures peak out there. high pressure responsible for the warm up over the past two days. it's going to weaken. today, though it's still in place and temperatures inland on the hot side around the coast and bay but we're tracking that the cloud deck offshore but the main cool one, you can see heading into friday but by saturday warmest location on saturday only in the mid 80s. for this afternoon, mostly sunny skies, warm, hot, especially inland 70 to 99 and becould have a few spots around livermore
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topping out at 100 today. this evening mostly clear and coastal fog could be dense by 8:00 and there is the temperature range for this evening and mid 60s all the way to the mid 80s. very hot today, san francisco topping out around 80 and san rosa 86. you'll notice the sea breeze by mid to late afternoon -- at least with the sea breeze making a come back and that's the first sign we're cool offing. you can see the changes here on the five-day forecast. temperatures inland tomorrow in the lower 90s and then by the weekend no more 90 tos to talk about. you can see by the three day weekend and temperatures monday we're looking at that so you can see mid 60s coast side. jana it is heating up so stay cool, another hot day. >> that's right. thanks, mark. ? san francisco police are talking with the march -- mayor about shutting down the park after dark. city parks are generally closed
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overnight but visitors can access the park at any hour. the only rule is you can't sleep there. now after several incidents of nighttime violence involving transients, police are pushing for a park curfew with special penalties. still ahead, the new report shows financial problems may make more people physically ill and a bit bidding war for a company has finally come to an end. !% 
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this morning the bidding war for data store rig came to an end when dell refused to compete with a new offer. hp topped dell's bid for the company with a 2 billion-dollar offer. dell had until last night to top that but hp quickly added another $70 million to the bid leaving dell to walk away. the two computer giants see the ownership as a way to expand customer services and expand. new evidence shows stress caused by home foreclosures is having an effect on people's health. one in ten american households are currently behind on payments and in oakland it's about one in four. the first of its kind report by the health department shows 38% of those coping with
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foreclosure have reported declining health. a third reported their mental health had worsened. we have some more breaking -- on that breaking news out of redwood city. news chopper two has gone over the site and we understand that the small plane has gone down. we have just learned that one person is dead in that crash. now we're told that the plane is in the lagoon. we do not know how many people were on board, if there were more than the one victim or any of the conditions of people who might have been there. we do have news chopper 2 at the site and a crew on the ground and we'll have more updates through the day as we get information. well two men are behind bars after a group of marijuana growers tossed bags full of pot into a pickup truck. the only problem is that the truck belonged to fish and game wardens. they were looking for deer poachers when five men mistook their truck for a drug pick up
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vehicle. they caught two of the men. the others fled into the forecast. there was 127 pounds of pot. coming up at 5:00 more details on the small plane crash we just told you about a few minutes ago and you can hear what investigators are learning about the man at the center of that killing spree that spanned two bay area counties. we'll have those stories at 5:00. our next newscast is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for joining us today at noon. have a great day. our realational pastime?
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